Nankang Tire Review | Are They Good In 2023

Last updated on May 25th, 2023 at 02:15 pm

nankang tire review

Nankang tire, a globally known brand of Taiwan in the automobile tire industry. They have been manufacturing passenger cars, SUVs, light trucks, busses, and motorcycle tires in different categories since 1959. With more than 62 years of experience, Nankang tires have made a good reputation in the global tire market, especially in the US market.

The company is well organized with excellent customer support for the satisfaction of the valued customer. Nankang tires being one of the oldest brands of tires has innovated a lot by utilizing advanced technologies and implementing more advanced methods of manufacturing, and for that reason, their tires keep on attracting buyers who look for an affordable and high-quality option for their new tire requirements. 

Nankang Tires Quick Highlight

Origin of Nankang tiresTaiwan
Started operationsIn 1959
Type of tire manufacturePassenger cars, light/heavy trucks, motorcycle tires
Tire categoriesAll Terrain, Mud, Snow, and All-season tires
Price range$62 – $322
Ply ratings2-10 ply
Average distance covers40000-50000 Miles
Online retailersPriority tires, Amazon, And Discount tire

From a very small start in Taiwan now Nankang Tires have over 100 international markets to export their tires, the USA being one of the biggest. As most Americans look for high-quality tires at the most affordable rates, which is one of the reasons for Nanang tires’ popularity in America. They manufacture good-quality tires with specific performance based on their category at very affordable rates. Not only that their tires are one of the most durable compared to other tires in this price range. With durable life and high performance, it is not a bad option to run with your car for an affordable safe ride. 

  • Affordable tires for safe, quality and durable rides
  • Highly treadwear-rated tires for improved traction and grip in the long run
  • Quiet and comfortable tires with even contact for stable rides
  • Quick brakes and responsive handling
  • Advanced technology and improved tread patterns for quality drive
  • Light truck 10 ply rated tires for heavyweight rides
  • Snow performance is not as good as premium brand tires
  • Not the most durable tires.

Nankang tread and tire quality

The treadwear design does not mean anything if the tire performs weirdly on the road. That is why instead of getting attracted by tire looks, you should more focus on the internal doing of the tread. Even though the Nankang tire’s tread may not look as attractive, still the performance of their tire is far better than cheap good looking treadwear. Most of the Nankang tires deliver stable rides, with quiet tread noise and comfortable rides. Along with that, their treadwear is built with high-quality rubber for long-running life and with the ability to handle sharp materials. The advanced technology and innovative design make their tires somewhat competitive with premium quality tires at half a price. 

Nankang tire pricing

The motto of the company is to manufacture the safest and most innovative tires at very economical rates so that everyone can afford them and enjoy the ride. However, for achieving one of that targets, another one has to compromise. The Nankang tire makes a great balance between affordability and innovation by not expending too much on inventions and producing ties at very affordable rates. They have manufacturing plants in China and Taiwan, and although they have a research plant in brazil too, however, the manufacturing is executed only in Taiwan and China. This is also one of the biggest reasons their tires are manufactured at low cost and sold at low rates. 

Why you should buy them

Durable tires

Although Nankang tires are cheap in rates, they are not cheap in their material. The high-quality materials keep the tire moving for more than 40K miles on average excluding snow and mud-terrain tires. Even though this is not something as big of a number to impress, compared to their prices, it is something you can not compete with any other brand that offers the same value in this price range. 

Affordable rates

The price range of each tire of Nankang tires is very bearable. You can buy two sets of Nankang tires by spending the same amount compared to one set of Michelin or Pirelli tires. Even though the quality differs but this big of a price difference with not that big of a difference in performance and durability is not always the best option for budget-oriented buyers. 

High-quality performance

Along with durable tread and affordable price, Nankang tires provide excellent performance on their specific terrain. Their all-season touring tires are perfect for everyday city rides with a comfortable ride. The all-terrain tires are also good in off and on-road conditions with thick shoulder and quality rubber for improving traction and grip while adjusting to harsh conditions of the terrains. 

Why you should not buy them

Not so good snow performance

Most Nankang tires found it difficult to be driven on winter season and snow roads. As they lack 3PMSF certification, their tires are not capable of handling the harsh conditions of the winter. For normal snow of 3-5 inches, these tires are fine, but above an inch of that will stop the tires from performing and it feels like the tire is dragging on the snow while driving. 

Bad rolling resistance

Another bad thing about Nankang tires is that they provide bad fuel mileage, due to the high rolling resistance compared to other touring tires. It is acceptable on sport or performance tires, but their touring tires also have high fuel intake even on straight roads or highways, 

Low treadwear ratings

Although their tires have a warranty of 50k miles, they only have treadwear ratings of 500. Which is not so competitive in 2023 where continental and Pirelli tires come with an 800 rating of treadwear. Although the tire has quite a lower treadwear rating but the price of these tires covers every bad aspect along with the performance and durability in the long run. 

Top Nankang tires

Nankang NS-25

UHP All-season tire for passenger car

Nankang NS-25
Tire type Ultra High-Performance all-season 
Price range$75-$199
Wheel Diameter15-24”
Ply rating 4-ply rated
Speed & Weight index(H-Y)(130-186) & (81-111) (1019-2403)
Terrain support Dry, wet, and snow terrain
Warranty50000 miles

The most successful tire of Nankang tires. This Nankang NS-25 is an excellent tire for budget-friendly sporty rides. This ultra-high-performance tire is exceptional in its performance when it comes to dry and wet rides. It delivers confident traction and grip while resisting hydroplaning resistance in wet and snow. 

This symmetrical tread design tire is good for achieving a comfortable and quiet ride with your sporty vehicles without spending too much on tires. With a durable build, this tire will keep your car moving for further miles while providing a stable and safe ride in the long run. 

  • UHP tire for fast wet and dry cornering
  • Excellent traction and grip in all-season conditions
  • Stable handling and steering response due to asymmetrical tread
  • Quiet and comfortable ride all year round
  • Not so good in snow
  • Low fuel mileage

Nankang AS-1

All Season Ultra-high-performance passenger car tire

Nankang AS-1
Tire type Ultra High-Performance all-season 
Price range$60-$212
Wheel Diameter13-21”
Ply rating 4-ply rated
Speed rating & Weight index(T-Y) (118-186) & (72-110) (783-2337)
Terrain support Dry, wet, and snow terrain
Warranty40000 miles

Another all-season UHP tire for performance vehicles. This Nankang AS-1 is an excellent tire for luxurious car owners who are looking for performance tires for quiet and comfortable rides. Compared to the previous tire, this model of the tire is better in snow and delivers more comfortable rides. However, this tire is not as sporty as the above tire when it comes to dry and wet traction. 

Along with that, this version is a less durable tire. Although this tire is economical in price too, compared to NS-25, it is a little bit expensive. So if you value comfort and snow rides more than performance then this AS-1 is a better option for your luxurious performance cars. 

  • Comfortable and quiet rides at affordable rates
  • Stable handling and responsive brakes on fast tracks
  • Confident traction, grip, and cornering in all-season conditions
  • Luxurious ride with sporty performance all year round
  • Not so fuel efficient tire
  • Low treadwear rating with low warranty

Nankang NS-2R Sportnex

Extreme ultra-high-performance passenger car tire

Nankang NS-2R Sportnex
Tire type Extreme Ultra High-Performance Summer 
Price range$80-$212
Wheel Diameter13-18”
Ply rating 4-ply rated
Speed rating & Weight index(T-Y) (149-186) & (72-98) (783-1653)
Terrain support Dry and wet
WarrantyNo warranty

If you are a driver of a sports car then this Nankang NS-2R Sportnex Extreme performance tire is for you. With a lightweight design and high-speed ratings, you can achieve the fattest ride on the tracks. The asymmetrical design with hard tread delivers confident traction, grip, and cornering at the fastest speed of the turn. Before buying this tire just consider that this tire won’t be so helpful on streets and everyday rides because of its low treadwear rating and less durable treadwear. Also, it is not a good tire to drive in snow. 

  • Excellent tire for fast tracks affordable rides
  • Steering response and control on fast tracks
  • Quick brakes and acceleration
  • Confident traction, grip and cornering in fast tracks of wet and dry
  • No treadwear warranty
  • Bad in snow
  • Low fuel mileage

Nankang CX-668

All-season touring passenger car tire

Nankang CX-668
Tire type Touring all season
Price range$70-$139
Wheel Diameter12-15”
Ply rating 4-ply rated
Speed rating & Weight index(T-Y) (118-130) & (73-95) (853-1521)
Terrain support Dry, wet, and snow terrain
Warranty40000 miles

The touring all-season tire for a  comfortable and quiet ride. This Nankang CX-668 tire is for small coupes and sedan drivers who are looking for an affordable option for their daily day-to-day rides. The tire delivers average performance when it comes to dry and wet road rides with proper traction and grip. Even though the traction at fast speed or heavy rain is not quite explicit, it will do the job for normal drivers. 

The tire has durable treadwear for further miles with proper handling and steering response on highways. It is the most comfortable tire of Nankang, so if you are after comfortable rides for your small cars, then this affordable tire is perfect for you. 

  • The most comfortable and quietest tire for all season on road rides
  • Great traction and grip on wet, dry, and snow conditions
  • Good performance in snow terrains
  • Quick brakes and responsive steering for confident and safe rides
  • Less fuel efficiency
  • No 3PMSF symbol for harsh winter ride

Nankang Sp-9 cross sport

All-season touring tire for SUVs

Nankang Sp-9 cross sport
Tire type Touring all season
Price range$61-$170
Wheel Diameter14-22”
Ply rating 4-ply rated
Speed rating & Weight index(H-W) (130-168) & (82-116) (1047-2756)
Terrain support Dry, wet, and snow terrain
Warranty50000 miles

Another all-season touring tire for mid-sized vehicles like CUVs and SUVs. This Nankang SP-9 Cross Sport tire is great for everyday rides. A little better performer than a previous touring tire with higher rates compared to CX-668. This is a perfect tire for achieving smooth and comfortable rides all year round in all session conditions along with durable treadwear for long running life. 

It is one of the highest treadwear-rated tires of Nankang with a 560 treadwear rating and 50k miles treadwear warranty for durable rides. If you are a driver of SUVs and looking for comfortable tires on your budget that give a high-quality performance, then this tire is perfect for you. 

  • Very comfortable and quietest ride in dry, wet, and snow conditions
  • Even contact of tread for a stable ride all year round
  • Confident traction and grip in all-season conditions
  • Heavy weight carrying ability for a little bit of load
  • No 3PMSF symbol for harsh winter rides
  • Les fuel-efficient tire

Nankang AT-5 Conqueror A/T

All-Terrain light truck tire

Nankang AT-5 Conqueror A/T
Tire type All-terrain & All-season
Price range$115-$173
Wheel Diameter15-20”
Ply rating 10-ply rated
Speed rating & Weight index(R-T) (106-118) & (108-126) (2205-3748)
Terrain support Dry, wet, snow, and mud terrains
Warranty50000 miles

Another successful tire of Nankang for light trucks and other heavy vehicles. This Nankang AT-5 Conqueror A/T is an all-terrain tire for light truck drivers looking for affordable tires for their all-season requirements. This is one of the most durable tires for off and on-road rides, with confident traction and grip. Whether you drive it into harsh conditions of mud terrains or in heavy snowfall, this tire will keep your truck moving until you reach your destinations. 

Although the tire is not as comfortable as other Nankang tires, compared to its versatility it is far ahead of every other tire. It is an excellent tire for any light truck driver who wants to achieve premium quality performance at very good rates for all-year-round driving in any road condition. 

  • High-quality all-terrain tire for any road conditions drive
  • Excellent traction, grip, and contact at dry, wet, snow, and mud terrains
  • Confident and safe ride due to its robust shoulders
  • Responsive brakes and handling with durable treadwear
  • Noisy tire
  • No 3PMSF certified

Nankang Mt-1 conqueror M/T

Mud terrain light truck tire

Nankang Mt-1 conqueror M/T
Tire type Mud Terrain tire
Price range$150-$320
Wheel Diameter15-20”
Ply rating 10-ply rated
Speed rating & Weight index(Q) (100) & (104-126) (1984-3748)
Terrain support Dry, wet, and Mud terrain
WarrantyNo Warranty

Conquer the mud and off terrains with this Nankang MT-1 Conqueror MT tire. It is the perfect tire for light truck drivers looking for confident and durable rides in mud terrains without spending too much on tires. Although its price seems a little higher compared to other tires, it is very economical compared to other premium brands of mud terrain tires. And even premium brand tires are not so far ahead in mud terrain performance compared to this tire. 

This tire might not give you a very fuel-efficient ride or comfortable ride. So if you can compromise with these two things then it will be a very adventurous tire for your light truck for you to enjoy the harsh conditions of the mud while traveling off-road to your wildest destination. 

  • Off terrain tire for extreme wet and dry mud performance
  • Confident traction and grip in mud terrains
  • Stone ejectors on the tread for protections from damaging materials
  • 10 ply rated for weight and 3 ply rated robust shoulders for durable rides
  • Noisy and least comfortable rides
  • Low tread life

Nankang SP-7 performance XP

Sports light trucks tire

Nankang SP-7 performance XP
Tire type Performance all-season 
Price range$115-$158
Wheel Diameter15-26”
Ply rating 4-ply rated
Speed rating & Weight index(S-W) (112-168) & (95-120) (1521-3086)
Terrain support Dry, wet, and snow terrain
Warranty40000 miles

This Nankang all-season performance tire is great for light trucks. It delivers an excellent ride in any conditions of the all-season by providing stable and confident traction, grip, and cornering even at a normal pace. The tire is made with advanced technology for achieving maximum performance on the terrain and highways even by carrying some weight over it. 

The groove channels and center ribs allow this tire to perform in wet, dry, and snow conditions on-road. Although its performance on snow is not exceptional, still you can drive through snow safely without damaging the tire’s treadwear. So if you are a light truck tire driver looking for affordable performance tires for responsive handling and high-quality performance then this tire will be a good fit for you. 

  • Excellent traction, grip, cornering, and contact in all-season conditions
  • Confident brakes and responsive handling even at high-speed
  • High weight carrying ability for towing any stuff
  • Strong sidewalls and shoulders for durable rides
  • Not a comfortable and quiet tire
  • Do not perform well on snow


Nankang tires with their long-term experience and innovative technology have advanced a lot when it comes to high-quality tires. With their cheap prices, they have been continuously attracting buyers while improving their tire quality. Nankang tires are the perfect choice for budget-oriented buyers who will get a durable tire with somewhat low performance compared to premium tires.

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