Best Tires For Acura RDX For Every Condition

Last updated on January 18th, 2024 at 07:39 am

Best Tires For Acura RDX

If you are looking for the best tires for the Acura RDX, you must know about the type of performance you desire for your car. There are hundreds of different models of tires that might be good in some aspects of performance but lack in others; that is why you must know what are the primary factors like speed or comfort, whatever it is you want the most to achieve with your tire. Only then would you be able to find the best tire for your Acura RDX that will give you the ride you want? 

Acura RDX is known for mostly driving in all seasons and weather conditions, so most of the tires we have listed below are all-season tires, along with winter and summer tires for someone who wants specific category tires. It is you who will make the final decision for your Acura RDX after reading and analyzing the tire performance and if it matches your desired performance. 

The original equipment tire that comes with the new Acura RDX is a Goodyear Eagle RS-A, which is not a good tire to drive for more than 20K miles. Also, these tires deliver bad performance in different seasons of the terrain, so it is good to replace these tires with proper tires for a long and safe journey all year. All of the tires listed below are the best in each category so that you find the right tire for your Acura RDX. 

Pirelli Scorpion AS Plus 3

The best touring tire

pirelli scorpion as plus 3

The new tire of Pirelli, in the all-season touring tires category. It is the best tire for your Acura RDX if you want to get all the features combined in one tire. This Scorpion AS Plus 3 is an excellent tire when it comes to dry and wet road reactions, along with a light snow grip and stable ride. Along with a city road ride, you will also be able to have great comfort and stable handling on highways and fast terrain rides, with quiet tread performance.

With the high-quality rubber and advanced technology tread pattern, the treadwear contacts the ground equally to allow longer tread life while providing stable and confident handling in all-season conditions. The sidewall sipes and shoulder blocks improve the noise while providing cornering and grip on turns and keeping the car stable on high-speed roads. Due to all of these reasons, this Pirelli Scorpion AS Plus 3 is one of the best tires available in 2024 for any of your vehicles. 


  • Touring all-season tires for a comfortable and quiet ride all year long.
  • A durable treadwear with a 70k-mile treadwear warranty.
  • Excellent traction, grip, and stability on wet and dry terrains.
  • Hydroplaning resistance and stable grip on wet and snow-covered roads.
  • Responsive and confident handling of fast tracks and highways.


  • Due to new technology, the tire is very expensive.
  • No 3PMSF symbol, which makes sure the tire is good for winter rides.

Michelin CrossClimate 2

The best grand touring tire

Michelin CrossClimate 2

Michelin CrossClimate 2 is Michelin’s new grand touring tire for a comfortable and smooth ride in all-season conditions. This new model tire is made with advanced technology and a new tread design that features V formation treadwear for noise reduction and stable contact with the ground. Along with that, the tire provides a comfortable ride in all-season conditions with durable treadwear so that you can drive your Acura RDX for more miles with the comfort of all year-long rides. 

CrossClimate 2 has an excellent treadwear performance by providing confident traction, grip, and cornering in wet, dry, and snow conditions. It is also a 3PMSF-certified tire which is essential for driving in deep snow conditions. All of that is backed by a 60K miles treadwear warranty, for a smooth, stable, and comfortable ride in any condition of any season. 


  • All-year comfort and quiet ride in all-season conditions.
  • Excellent traction and grip on wet and dry road conditions.
  • Confident handling and responsive brakes on highways.
  • 3PMSF certificate for severe snow conditions ride.


  • Very expensive tire due to new technology.
  • Lower treadwear and traction rating compared to Pirelli tire.

Goodyear Assurance ComfortDrive

Most comfortable Tire

Goodyear Assurance ComfortDrive

Another new tire was launched just one year ago by Goodyear. This Goodyear Assurance ComfortDrive is a grand touring all-season tire that is one of the most comfortable and quiet tires that you can find in 2024. Due to its optimized tread blocks, the tire makes very little noise for a luxurious ride along with the most comfortable ride all year long. All of that comes with durable treadwear that gives long-lasting performance for thousands of miles of smooth and confident ride. 

Unlike Michelin’s tire, this tire is not a 3PMSF-certified tire for severe snow rides. However, it delivers excellent rides on snow due to its 3D sipes, which create extra biting edges on snow. Along with the snow, the tire is excellent in dry and wet conditions by delivering responsive handling, confident traction, grip, and cornering for all-year-round rides. 


  • A durable tire with a 60k-mile treadwear warranty for all-season drives.
  • Excellent traction and grip with stable handling in wet and dry conditions.
  • Responsive brakes on highways and snow-covered roads.
  • Most comfortable and quiet ride for a luxurious driving experience with your Acura RDX.


  • No 3PMSF symbol for severe winter conditions drive.
  • Lower treadwear rating than scorpion as plus 3.

Firestone Destination LE3

Best in-budget tire

firestone destination le3

Want a tire that delivers excellent performance to your Acura RDX while having an affordable price; take a look at this Firestone Destination LE3 all-season highway tire that delivers a comfortable ride and all-weather performance that you can not find in this price range. Along with performance, the tire has an even better treadwear rating than those premium brand tires with a 70K miles treadwear warranty so that you can enjoy the very best performance in your budget.  

The unique treadwear pattern and design allow the tire to give a stable ride on highways with confident traction, grip, and cornering in wet, dry, and snow conditions. Due to its symmetrical tread design, the tire contact with the ground equally for longer tread life along with responsive brakes and handling on highways and city roads. 


  • Smooth handling with responsive brakes on highways.
  • Comfortable and quiet ride in any road conditions.
  • Moderate performance on mud terrains and snow conditions.
  • A durable tire with 70K miles treadwear warranty.
  • Affordable rates with quality performance all year round.


  • No 3PMSF symbol for harsh winter conditions.
  • B rated in temperature stats.

Continantal ExtremeContact DWS06 Plus

Ultra high-performance tire

Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 Plus

Want tires for your Acura RDX that give the fastest ride along with comfortable and quiet treadwear, then this Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 Plus will be the right choice for our car. This ultra-high-performance tire will give you all season comfortable ride along with stable handling and confident traction all year round. Due to its high speed and quick brakes, you can achieve maximum performance on tracks with a safe, confident, and quiet ride. 

This is Continental’s one of the best tires for sports cars and performance SUVs that has the ability to be driven on fast terrains. It delivers excellent grip and cornering on dry, wet, and snow terrains with stable contact and responsive handling for a confident all-season ride. All of this performance comes with durable treadwear and shoulders that can easily handle the harsh conditions of the tracks and terrains. 


  • UHP all-season tire for fast tracks and city terrain rides.
  • Smooth and confident handling with responsive brakes on fast tracks.
  • A durable treadwear with a 50K miles treadwear warranty.
  • A comfortable and quiet ride all year long.


  • Expensive tire
  • No 3PMSF symbol, due to that the winter performance is not as good.

Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail

All-Terrain tire

falken wildpeak a/t trail

Here comes a one-tire solution for all of your different terrain problems, the Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail is an all-terrain tire to handle any situation of the off-road and on-road terrains while providing a comfortable and durable ride all year round. Whether you want a drive on mud/Snow terrains with your Acura RDX or you want a comfortable ride on city roads, it is all achievable just by these tires that make you stress-free when visiting any different conditions of the terrains. 

This tire delivers excellent traction and grip on wet and dry conditions of the roads, with smooth handling and a quiet ride. Along with that, the tire has robust sidewalls and shoulders for delivering cornering and grip at off terrains with a safe and confident ride all year round. With performance in every condition, this tire has durable treadwear for fearfully enjoying your rides for many years to come. 


  • on/off terrain tire for tension-free rides.
  • Stable handling and responsive brakes in harsh winter and mud conditions
  • Excellent traction, grip, and cornering in wet and dry conditions.
  • Durable treadwear with 65K miles treadwear warranty.


  • Not that comfortable on fast tracks.
  • Gets noisy after 20-30k miles.

Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2

Best winter tire

Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2

If you are someone who has to drive in snow and winter weather for most of your drive, then it is better to have a winter tire for your situation. The Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 is a studless winter tire for perfect snow terrain rides along with smooth dry and wet conditions drive. It delivers excellent traction, grip, and cornering in wet and dry conditions along with stable, confident, and responsive handling and brakes on winter and snow terrains. 

Although the tire has no treadwear warranty which is not something you can find with winter tires, still the tire has great treadwear for at least 20K miles of winter rides. With 3PMSF certified, this tire is great for handling harsh conditions of the snow and ice terrains by providing a confident and safe ride all year long.


  • Studless winter tire for confident traction and stable rides.
  • Great traction and grip in wet and dry conditions.
  • Responsive brakes and quick acceleration for safe and sound rides.
  • 3PMSF symbol for severe winter conditions rides.


  • No treadwear warranty.
  • Not as good dry terrain performance.

Michelin Defender LTX M/S

Mud/Snow durable tire

michelin defender ltx ms

The Michelin Defender LTX M/S is an all-season tire with mud and snow-terrain-compatible rides. It is a good tire for your Acura RDX if you want to achieve maximum performance in dry and wet conditions of the road, along with off-terrain rides. The high-quality rubber and unique tread design also make it a durable tire for handling terrain situations for a longer period of time. 

Defender LTX M/S delivers excellent traction, grip, and cornering on wet, dry, and snow conditions of the road, along with stable and confident handling. Also, the tire is good for driving on mud terrain due to its deep treads, which handle the wet mud and keep it out of the terrain for a stable ride with responsive brakes and handling all year round.


  • Excellent tire for all-weather and all-terrain rides.
  • A comfortable and quiet ride all year long.
  • Durable treadwear with 70K miles treadwear warranty
  • Responsive handling and brakes for a safe and confident ride.


  • Not a 3PMSF tire.
  • It does not deliver perfect mud-terrain rides.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV

Street summer tire

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV

After every other category tire, here comes the summer tire. This Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tire is the most popular tire for someone who wants a performance tire for high-speed tracks. Similarly, if you want to drive your Acura RDX on fast tracks during the summer season, then this tire is the best choice for your vehicle. It gives the perfect ride on tracks with a comfortable and quiet ride along with strong shoulders for responsive handling even at high speed. 

This tire has an asymmetrical treadwear design that delivers perfect traction, grip, and cornering on highways and high-speed tracks in wet and dry conditions. Along with that, quick and responsive brakes for a safe and confident ride in wet and dry conditions. All of that comes with durable and strong treadwear so that you can enjoy long-lasting performance with your Acura RDX. 


  • Summer tire for fast tracks and highways performance.
  • Excellent traction, grip, and cornering in wet and dry conditions.
  • Hydroplaning resistance and stable handling in rain on fast tracks.
  • Responsive brakes and quick acceleration for winning every race.
  • Quiet and comfortable tire even at high speed.


  • Low treadwear warranty.
  • Not driveable anywhere near winter terrains.

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All-season Run-Flat

Touring Run-flat tire

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All season runflat

The Pirelli Scorpion Verde all-season run-flat tire is good for someone who wants to get the safety of not changing tires even after there is a puncture. Because the tire has self-supporting technology that lets you drive for 50 miles even after the burst tire. This is an OEM tire for Mercedes and other big-brand cars due to its performance and run-flat technology, which lets you ascertain that you won’t need any extra tools for tire changing. Although the tire is not as good a performer as other tires mentioned above, due to its unique features along with eco-friendly tread, it will perform really well with your Acura RDX. 


  • Run-flat all-season tire for a secure ride.
  • The comfortable tire in wet and dry conditions.
  • Stable handling and brakes on all-season roads.


  • No treadwear warranty.
  • Bad treadwear performance.
  • Not so good for winter rides.

Best tires for Acura RDX Buyer’s Guide

If you are someone who has very little or no knowledge about tires and how to buy them, then in this section, you will get to know how you can find the best tires for your Acura RDX and what are some important things that you need to keep in your mind when buying new tires. If there is some person that we know who bought tires and has to replace them after some hundred miles of driving due to some faults in tires or because they don’t like the performance of those tires.

That is why it is important for you to collect information and then apply it when buying new tires which will save you money, and you will get the most out of your investment in tires. 

Common mistakes that people make when buying tires

The most common mistake that a new tire buyer makes when buying a new tire is not considering the tire size that fits well with their vehicle. If you don’t find the right size according to your wheel alignments, then the tire won’t sit well on your wheel and cause noise, unbalanced wear off, and many more problems that are just a waste of tires. That is why it is important to check the tire size of your vehicle before buying the tire. The Acura RDX has three types of wheel and tire sizes which include: 235/60R18, 235/55R19, and 255/45R20. So make sure which tire size comes with your model of Acura. 

Another mistake tire buyers make most of the time is that they don’t read about tire specs and which category of the tire it is; in that case, the tire buyer won’t be satisfied if he wants to drive in mud terrains and buy winter tires which is a complete waste of money, that is why first you have to decide which terrain and conditions you face most before buying new tires for your Acura RDX. 

Never go with cheap brand tires

There are many cheap brand tires that offer very low prices, which attract budget-oriented buyers. Those tires are a complete waste of money by risking your and other driver’s life in danger. Because most of these tires have no treadwear warranty and also did not test properly to handle the different situations on the road. If you would have bought high-quality tires, which will last for around 6-7 years, on the other hand, cheap tires will last for about 2-3 years which is half of the price of quality tires.

On average, it does not make that big of a difference when it comes to money, but if you go with premium brand tires, you will get high-quality performance with a safe and confident ride. 

Check tires before buying them

First of all, you should not buy second-hand/ used tires due to the uncertainty of these tires. Still, if you want to go with used tires, then check carefully about their treadwear life; if it is more than 5/32, then it will work for around 2-3 years. If it is below that, then it is not a good tire to go with. Also, check the tire’s shoulder and sidewalls if they are not damaged because sometimes tire sellers hide the defects of tires to sell the damaged tires. 

If you are buying new tires, then check the reviews of customers to see if the tire is performing well; if you find most of the customers are satisfied with the performance and the tire delivers what is written on its description, then you should go with that tire that will give you a satisfying ride according to your preferences. 

The best tire for Acura RDX

Pirelli Scorpion AS Plus 3 is the best tire for Acura RDX because it has everything that everyday drivers want from tires. It is good to drive in all-season conditions, has a good rating for snow rides, gives a comfortable and quiet ride in any conditions, and is backed by Pirelli for 70K miles treadwear warranty. All of these factors make it an excellent tire for your Acura RDX that will give you the ride you need with durable treadwear that will run for many years to come. 

Final words

Acura RDX is a great SUV for driving in any road condition if you find the best tires for it. There are many different factors and conditions that you need to ensure before you buy new tires and make sure that the tire gets along with your driving style and terrains.  We hope that after reading about the best tires and the buyer’s guide you have made up your mind about which tire will support you the best. If you can not make up your mind and still have any confusion, you can ask us anytime. We will be happy to assist you by considering the best for you.  

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