Best Tires For Buick Enclave In 2024

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There are people who would tell you that these and these tires are the best tires for Buick Enclave if you ask them for advice. However, only you can choose what type of performance you desire and which tire is down to provide your expected ride. That is why we have divided this post into two sections: one with the best tires and the other guide section for someone who does not know much about tires so that everyone learns and buys the best tires for their Buick Enclave. 

A car that has a huge seating capacity and provides a comfortable and smooth ride is very hard to find in the market, and the Buick Enclave is one of these cars. It is one of the very famous SUVs that have better fuel mileage and comes at very affordable rates. That is why the tires that most Enclave users buy with their cars are all-season tires that give an all-year-round drive with comfortability for a longer period of time. 

For the assistance of our readers, we have divided tires into categories according to the buyer’s preference. So whatever feature is most important for you, you can go directly onto that heading and read about those tires specifically. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the top tires available in 2024 for the Buick Enclave. 

Best all-season tire for Buick Enclave

Pirelli Scorpion AS Plus 3


pirelli scorpion as plus 3

The best tire for Buick Enclave if you consider overall performance for all-year-round rides. The Pirelli Scorpion AS Plus 3 is a new tire of Pirelli’s in the standard touring tires category. The tire has a fair price range, with exceptional comfort in wet, dry, and snow conditions, along with the most durable treadwear that will last for many years to come. Using the newest technology to prepare treadwear that contacts the ground in a manner that stabilizes the ride and improves treadwear life. Along with that; the tire delivers the most comfortable and quiet ride that no other tire in the market can provide in 2024 to your Buick Enclave. 

To become the best tire, the tire should have the finest ride at a good price and have durable treadwear for covering more miles. All of that you can find in this Pirelli Scorpion AS Plus 3 tire; which is also the reason we choose this tire as the best for Buick Enclave for the exceptionally confident all-season ride. 


  • New touring tire for the quietest and most comfortable ride.
  • Confident traction and grip in wet, dry, and snow conditions.
  • The most durable tire with a 70K Miles treadwear warranty.
  • Hydroplaning resistance for wet traction and biting edge for ice grip.
  • Responsive brakes and stable handling on highways.


  • Expensive tires due to the new technology.
  • Not a 3PMSF Certified tire.


Ultra-high performance tire

michelin pilot sport all season 4

If you want a tire with high speed, better cornering, and confident grip and brakes at the high-speed ride, then this Michelin Pilot Sport All-Season 4 will be the best tire for your Buick Enclave. It is an all-season ultra high-performance tire for tracks and speed lovers; the tire is known to have the best performance on high-speed terrain with a comfortable and quiet ride. It delivers excellent traction and grip in wet and dry seasons, and due to its soybean treadwear, it proves to be exceptional on winter rides. Professionals make the tire by using advanced technology to give all-weather smooth and confident rides along with durable treadwear for covering more miles.

There is a big difference in the drive of touring tires and performance tires; touring tires are more toward comfortable, luxurious rides, while performance tires are better on speed, brakes, and cornering at all-season conditions. So if you are not a fan of touring tires; then this Michelin’s ultra high-performance tire will fulfill your desire to achieve high speed, confident all-season ride with your Buick Enclave.  


  • New ultra-high-performance tire for high-speed drivers
  • Confident traction, grip, and cornering at wet, dry, and light snow conditions.
  • A durable tire with a 45K Miles treadwear warranty
  • Hydroplaning residence and soybean on the tread for wet and icy roads.
  • Very responsive brakes and acceleration for fast tracks.
  • Comfortable and quiet all-season ride.


  • Very expensive tires.
  • Lower treadwear warranty than touring tires.

Goodyear Assurance ComfortDrive

Grand touring tire

Goodyear Assurance ComfortDrive

The perfect tire for Buick Enclave in the market till now if you want an all-season performance with snow traction; this Goodyear Assurance ComfortDrive is the newest Goodyear tire for SUVs, coupes, and crossover cars. It has all of the features and qualities that any car driver requires for a comfortable and quiet all-year-round drive. The newest technology and well-written tread pattern make it even a great tire for snow with durable and stronger sidewalls. It is the best tire that you could put with your ride that will provide all-season dry and wet traction along with durable, comfortable, and stable highway rides in the long run. 

The reason for ranking this tire in the top ranking is due to its all-weather performance with durability and comfortability all year round. To become the best tire; a tire must have all of these things that make a drive safer and reliable in the long run, and this Goodyear Assurance ComfortDrive is ranked best on all of these features that will give all year round all season smooth ride with your Buick Enclave. 


  • New grand touring all-season tire for a most comfortable ride.
  • Excellent grip and traction in wet, dry, and snow conditions.
  • A durable tire with a 60000 miles treadwear warranty
  • Confident handling and responsive brakes on highways.
  • One of the quietest tires in the market.


  • Expensive tire
  • Does not have a 3PMSF symbol for snow.

Best winter tires for Buick Enclave


Performance winter tire

Pirelli Scorpion Winter

Now, if you live in colder zones of your country; then you have to use winter tires with your Buick Enclave; otherwise, you won’t get the performance, as well as winter tires might provide. The Pirelli Scorpion winter tire is one of the best winter tires in the market, and it was launched long ago. The reason for that is its winter terrain traction and grip, along with eco-impact technology that reduces noise pollution fuel emissions and releases clean air for a better environment. Not many tires think about nature and the environment. However, this Pirelli tire strengthens the environment of the world and provides a durable and comfortable winter ride for a longer period.

The Pirelli Scorpion winter tire is built with strong sidewalls with inner seal technology that repairs punctured tires just by adding a seal into it. Not only that, this tire is good in wet and dry conditions of the roads in case the snow melts for a period of time, so you don’t have to change tires every time the temperature gets high. 


  • Top winter tire for Buick Enclave.
  • Excellent snow traction and grip.
  • Responsive brakes and cornering on dry, wet, and snow conditions.
  • 3PMSF certificate for severe snow rides.
  • Eco impact technology and seal inside technology for better environment and safety.


  • No treadwear warranty
  • Not as quiet as touring tires.


Studless winter tire

Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2

Another option for Buick Enclave drivers who want to drive in winter or snow terrains. The Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 is an improved model of the DM-V1 model. The tire provides an excellent snow ride with dry and wet conditions comfortable drive. It is one of the very few tires that deliver an all-season and snow terrain ride with the quietest ride that you can find in the market. The tire is well known for its durable treadwear and sidewalls to handle the harsh conditions of the winter and keep running for many years to come with your vehicle. 

This comfortable tire provides great traction and grip in dry and wet conditions, along with hydroplaning resistance on wet roads. Also, the zigzag sipes provide biting edges to grip snow terrains and provide a confident and stable ice ride. All of that comes with durable treadwear. However, winter tires do not have any treadwear rating or warranty due to the uncertainty of the terrain. 


  • Studless winter tire for confident snow and all-season rides.
  • Great traction and grip on wet, dry, and snow terrains.
  • Responsive brakes and handling in harsh winter conditions.
  • 3PMSF certificated for severe winter driving.


  • No treadwear warranty.
  • Not available for all models of Buick Enclave

In Budget Tires for Buick Enclave

General Grabber HTS 60

general grabber hts 60

So if you want to save some bucks onset of new tires; then this general grabber HTS 60 can come in handy; it is an excellent all-season tire that will provide quiet and responsive wet and dry road traction and grip along with a comfortable and confident light snow ride. Being an affordable tire, it also provides a 65K miles treadwear warranty which is nearly the same as premium and expensive tires. 

 Although the price range difference is not as big but in performance; this budget tire is quite similar to expensive tires. However, we would recommend it is better to pay $100 extra and get the best tires that we ranked on top because these budget tires have something short compared to the top-class premium brand tires. Still, if you can compromise with a few fewer features, then you can anytime go with this tire. It is an excellent tire for budget-oriented buyers if you want a quiet and comfortable all-season ride with your Buick Enclave. 


  • Cheaper tire compared to Goodyear and Pirelli.
  • Excellent traction and grip on wet, dry, and snow roads.
  • Responsive brakes and stability at highway rides.
  • A durable tire with 65k Miles treadwear warranty.


  • It’s not a good tire for a snow ride.
  • Not driveable at off terrain roads.

Falken pro g5 CSV

falken pro g5 csv

Another good option for budget tire buyers for the Buick Enclave is this Falken pro g5 CSV is an exclusive tire that can only be bought from discount tires. It is an excellent all-season touring tire for confident traction and grip in wet, dry, and light snow conditions. With great dry and wet road rides; it also has durable treadwear that provides a comfortable and quiet ride for a longer period of time. All of that comes at a reasonable price compared to premium brand tires, with a very minimal difference in performance in all-season conditions. 

Again, if you want to save some money and compromise with the perfect ride; then this tire will be the best choice for your Buick Enclave. However, if you want to achieve maximum performance with the most comfortable ride; then it is not a wise decision to save around about $100 and compromise with those most essential features of the tire. 


  • Economical touring tire for all-season rides.
  • Great traction and confident grip at wet, dry, and light snow roads.
  • A durable tire with 60K miles treadwear warranty
  • Stable and smooth handling on highways.


  • It is not available on retailers other than the discount tires.
  • Moderate noise and comfort level.

Most comfortable tires for Buick enclave

Firestone Destination LE3

firestone destination le3

Here come the most comfortable tires that you can run with Buick Enclave to attain the quietest and most comfortable all-season ride all year round. It is a highway all-season tire that provides excellent dry, wet, and snow road performance along with off-terrain confidence and a smooth ride. Not only that, but along with an all-season and all-terrain quiet ride; it is a durable tire that runs for many miles to come in the future and keeps on providing you with a stable and comfortable ride with your Buick Enclave car.   

Other than comfort, this tire is also excellent in durability and performance, but the reason why we do not put this tire with the best tire is that those tires are exceptional in other factors, have the latest technology, and come at a reasonable price. On the other hand; this Firestone Destination LE3 is also good in performance but has an older tread design and a very high price. However, if you like this tire more than those top tires; then it is still a good choice with some ups and downs compared to those tires. 


  • Highways all-season tires for a confident and stable ride.
  • Excellent traction and grip on wet, dry, snow, and mud conditions.
  • A durable tire with 70K miles treadwear warranty.
  • One of the most comfortable and quietest tires.
  • Responsive brakes and handling on highways.


  • Expensive tire
  • No 3PMSF symbol for severe winter rides.

Michelin defender LTX M/S

michelin defender ltx

Another extremely comfortable and quiet tire if you want to achieve luxurious performance with your Buick Enclave. It is an upgraded model of the LTX M/S2 tire, which has some deficiencies, and by improving the; Michelin came up with this model, which is great for all-season and all-terrain comfortable and quiet rides. It delivers excellent traction and grip on wet, dry, snow, and mud terrain with durable treadwear and sidewalls that will keep you moving forward for a longer period of time.  

When it comes to comfort, both Firestone and this Michelin tire are quite similar. But when it comes to other terrain and winter performance, Firestone tires have a better grip on these areas. That is why we put that tire above this tire. Also, Michelin Defender LTX M/S is more expensive, with a difference of around $30 for one tire. 


  • One of the quietest and most comfortable tire
  • Excellent traction and grip on wet, dry, and off terrain conditions.
  • A durable tire with 70K miles treadwear warranty.
  • Confident handling and stable ride at highways.
  • Equal contact with the ground for longer tread life.


  • Very expensive tire.
  • No 3PMSF certificate for snow.

All-Weather tires with top winter performance

Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady

Goodyear Assurance Weatherready

Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady is one of the top tires that Goodyear has ever made in their grand touring line. It is known to have the best all-season ride and performance, along with a confident snow terrain ride. Along with excellent traction and grip on wet, dry, and snow terrain; it is one of the most comfortable tires that delivers a quiet and smooth ride with durable treadwear for further miles to cover with your Buick Enclave.

For snow terrain rides, this Goodyear tire is certified with a 3PMSF symbol which is crucial for a confident ride on snow, ice, and winter conditions. Not only is it good on snow; but the tire also has moderate off-terrain and on-road performance in mud and dry/wet conditions by giving stable and comfortable rides with long-running treadwear. 


  • Grand touring tire for an all-season and smooth winter ride.
  • A durable tire with 60K miles treadwear warranty.
  • Responsive brakes and handling on highways and fast tracks.
  • Excellent traction and grip on wet, dry, and snow terrains.
  • 3PMSF certified for winter rides.


  • Very expensive tires.
  • Not a great performer at off terrains.

Continental CrossContact LX25

Continental CrossContact LX25

Another good option with overall excellent performance for all-season winter rides; the Continental CrossContact LX25 is a touring tire for your Buick Enclave that will provide a comfortable, quiet, and confident all-season ride along with great traction and grip on snow and icy conditions. Along with all that, the tire comes with durable treadwear sidewalls that will keep you moving forward with your car for 6-7 years to come in the future.

There is a difference between Goodyear and this tire when it comes to overall performance; the Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady has better winter performance, while this tire has better dry and wet performance along with more durable treadwear at a lower price. It is totally up to you to decide which tire looks more suitable according to your driving style and needs for your Buick Enclave. 


  • Touring all-season tires for confident dry, wet, and snow ride.
  • Stable handling and responsive brakes for highways.
  • A durable tire with 70K miles treadwear warranty.
  • Excellent traction, grip, and cornering on all-season and snow terrains.


  • No 3PMSF symbol for winter rides.
  • Expensive tires.

Buying Guides of best tires for Buick Enclave

Now, if you have read about the best tires for Buick Enclave; then comes a turn of buying guide for Buick Enclave, which will help you better understand and decide properly what makes the tires so good and what are something that you need to keep in mind when buying new tires for your car. Depending on others’ decisions is never a good idea; that is why, in this section; we will guide you on how you can choose the right tire for your car without taking any assistance from anybody. 

Features to consider when buying tires for Buick Enclave

The most important thing to consider when buying new tires for Buick Enclave is the tire size because this vehicle has very few options of tire size that can fit with its wheel. If the tire is perfect, then consider its all-season performance and comfortability in different conditions. If the tire passes both of these things, then look at its durability and treadwear rating; if the tire has above 500 treadwear ratings, then it is the perfect tire for your car. You can anytime go with that tire if it matches driving conditions. 

Tire Sizes for Buick Enclave 

The Buick Enclave has very specific sizes from their 2008 model to their latest 2022 model; their wheels are only designed to fit 3 sizes of tires, which are 255/65R18, 255/60R19, and 255/55R20. Other than that, no other tire alignments match its wheels. That is why we recommended only those tires that are available in these sizes. Still, you must check your car’s wheel size, which is usually written in the car’s manual, and then buy tires according to that size. 

The best tire for Buick Enclave

When considering every factor, the tire that outclassed other tires is the Pirelli Scorpion A/S Plus 3. This tire has everything that normally Buick Enclave drivers demand from any tire. Even it delivers more than a driver expects from a tire. This is the reason we have ranked this tire as the best for Buick Enclave due to its exceptional all-year-round performance with a durable ride so that you can achieve maximum miles with this Scorpion AS plus 3 tires. 

Which tire is not good for the Buick Enclave

Mud terrain tires are one of the categories that we would not recommend to a normal everyday city driver. Because mud-terrain tires are known for giving a good mud performance for rally racing or off-terrain rush; these tires will give a very bad performance in wet and snow conditions of the terrains, so keep this thing in mind before buying mud-terrain tires. However, if you have plans to only drive with these tires on mud; then it will be the right decision in your case. Because Buick Enclave is known for its versatile driving, and it will give good performance on mud terrains, too. 


Every tire is different in appearance and performance, and it’s totally your decision and thinking: which tire will be the best fit for your driving conditions, your budget, and your route weather. On that basis, we categorized tires so that you can choose the tire according to your needs and get the right fit for your Buick Enclave.

We hope that this post for best tires for Buick Enclave helped you in choosing the tires for your car; still, if you have any questions regarding the topic, you can anytime contact us or leave them in the comment section; our experienced team will try to resolve your queries at the very best interest of yours. 

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